Wendy Endorsed by the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles PAC

Los Angeles, CA - On Tuesday, February 14, 2016 California Congressional Candidate Wendy Carrillo received the endorsement of the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles PAC. Today Latinos make up a majority of the district’s population and more than half are registered voters. The group noted Wendy Carrillo is the type of leader needed in congress to represent the California’s 34th Congressional District. 

Their endorsement statement noted that:

“Since the election of President Trump, our world has changed. In talking to the people of Los Angeles since the election results, it has been through organized regional and city-wide town hall forums as well as listening to and watching millions of people across the country and the world demonstrate their hunger for a new way of doing things in Washington that we feel Wendy Carrillo offers all of the invaluable attributes needed to be the champion of the 34th Congressional District deserve right now. Wendy’s fearless yet calm demeanor is powerful when you hear her speak, not only about her story, which is one that will permeate your heart, but also in her knowledge and solution based approach, which is something no other candidate demonstrated in their interviews. Wendy for Congress is exactly why the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles PAC was created in 2009, in order to help new battle-tested, educated leaders take the wheel as we move into a new generation of local and national politics that will put people first!”

The Latino Coalition of Los Angeles PAC seeks to create strategies that include increasing the efficiency of policymakers, mobilizing the Latino and Hispanic community to engage in civic life, and endorse policies that advance civic engagement.

"As a proud Salvadoran woman, a wife and mother, I am proud of our support for Wendy for Congress,” said Rinee Alvarez, board member of the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles. "Her activism embodies the current thematic narrative of underserved communities while her personal story and struggle manifests itself each and every day as seen in the policies she seeks to bring to the political table."

"I am honored to receive this important endorsement from the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles PAC. This is what true community empowerment and grassroots organizing looks like. The LA Latino Coalition of Los Angeles PAC is an organization whose efforts have been at the forefront of electing Latino leaders across the Los Angeles county, " said Wendy Carrillo.




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