Income Inequality and a Strong Middle Class

For decades, families have not been able to maintain a basic quality of life under the federal minimum wage. This is a result of misguided policies and practices focused on corporate welfare. Profits should not be built upon the backs of working people. Fortunately, Los Angeles and California have passed legislation that leads us to a $15 minimum wage. This wage level is the standard that must be implemented nationwide so that working people can live with dignity and more resources to raise their children in a manner that will yield healthy, confident, and able adults. At the same time, we need to ensure that small businesses are able to thrive. These businesses anchor our neighborhoods and we need to protect them from being pushed out by big corporations that are not invested in our communities. Furthermore, workers must receive overtime pay protection and have a say in their economic futures, which includes the ability to join a union without fear or harassment as well as the right to collective bargaining.


Healthcare and Medicare for All

Our healthcare system is broken. The current system of rising premiums and drug costs ultimately benefits healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.  Today, despite the ACA, there are still too many Americans that are uninsured or underinsured (with high deductibles). A single-payer system sponsored by the government would allow the demonstrated efficiencies of the Medicare program to be spread throughout the entire healthcare system in the US and provide coverage for all Americans. From both an efficiency and values standpoint, there is no reason why we should be limiting the healthcare of Americans to emergency rooms. We should negotiate with prescription drug companies for affordable prices. Respecting our humanity both Medicare for All and women’s comprehensive reproductive healthcare.


Immigration Reform

Wendy has a deep and unique perspective for immigrant-rights issues. She understands that the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants represent lives that are contributing to America, lives that are raising children, loving parents, helping others. Our country is founded by immigrants. Immigrants reinvigorate our society with hope and optimism— they are the driving force for hard work and entrepreneurship, which America is based on. Undocumented immigrants deserve to come out from the shadows for their sake and the sake of America’s humanity and prosperity. They deserve a pathway to citizenship. Wendy will fight President Trump to reaffirm the DACA and DAPA executive orders and will fight to ensure that nobody is turned away from this country because of their religion.  


Ensuring Equity in Education

As the first in her family to attend American universities, Wendy understands the importance of education. Every American is entitled to the means necessary to achieve the American dream! A college education is fundamental. In a society of the haves and have-nots, more must be done to level the playing field. Wendy believes that education is not only a ticket out of poverty, but it is the ultimate equalizer.  For what better purpose should American tax dollars be used than to strengthen the foundation and promise of this country: that hard work and diligence can lead to a meaningful and fulfilling life. A tax on Wall Street transactions is an excellent way to ensure tuition free public colleges and universities so that all hardworking students can attend.  Undocumented students who have been raised in this country should also have access to free public college tuition.


Protecting Our Environment and Combating Climate Change

We only have one planet. Wendy is a strong believer in environmental justice and in preserving the world for the next generations. It’s the reason she almost two months at Standing Rock as a water protector. She believes that we must cease the expansion of fossil fuel exploitation. We are at an inflection point where solar, wind, and other forms of sustainable resources must be developed and made mainstream for the sake of our planet and its inhabitants (human and otherwise). The world is a beautiful place that must be preserved and appreciated by all.  Further, developing sustainable resources will also benefit the U.S. economy since such technologies represent the future economy.




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