Wendy Endorsed by the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles PAC

Los Angeles, CA - On Tuesday, February 14, 2016 California Congressional Candidate Wendy Carrillo received the endorsement of the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles PAC. Today Latinos make up a majority of the district’s population and more than half are registered voters. The group noted Wendy Carrillo is the type of leader needed in congress to represent the California’s 34th Congressional District. 

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Wendy Featured in the LA Times

Wendy featured in the LA Times as one of the candidates for the 34th Congressional District. 


Wendy talks with MSNBC's Joy Reid on immigration and your rights

Wendy on MSNBC with Joy Reid talking about immigration reform, recent ICE detentions, and knowing your rights.


Wendy at the 2017 MAKERS Conference

Wendy at the MAKERS Conference United State of Women panel with VP National Community Alliances of Teach for America, Brittany Packnett and Bellamy Young, actress, singer, and producer.


Wendy Called Key Figure to Watch in CA34 on CNN

CNN Politics Nation mentions Wendy as someone to watch in CA34.


Wendy on MSNBC Talking about the Women's March, Run for Congress

Wendy talking about why her run for Congress is so important and historic. 


Wendy's Speech at the Women's March

Wendy speaks at the women's march about her personal journey and why she can take on Donald Trump!


Statement on Trump Threat to Defund California

Wendy Carrillo on Trump's threats to defund the state of California:

"Donald Trump wants to unconstitutionally defund the State of California for standing up for our American values. He wants to turn away human beings who are fleeing violence, with nowhere else to go. He wants to round up hard-working people and separate them from their families. As a formerly undocumented child and unrecognized refugee, I have a deep understanding of these struggles, and that is why I am running for Congress. To fight with every ounce of my being against Trump's agenda."

Wendy Carrillo Statement on President Trump’s Executive Action on Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines

That is why I condemn President Trump's executive actions to advance the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines. Not only do these actions put the drinking water of millions of people who rely on the Missouri River at risk, but they endanger the lives of the peaceful water protectors who are there standing up for their rights by trying to ensure tribal sovereignty. We need more people in Washington who understand that the rights of the people are not to be trampled on, and I am the only candidate in the race for California's 34th Congressional district that has the background and proven track record of standing up for human rights whether they be for peaceful protestors or undocumented immigrants.

Who's in and who's out in the race to replace Rep. Xavier Becerra in Congress


Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles) is still awaiting confirmation as California’s next attorney general, and there’s no date set for an election to replace him, but that hasn’t stopped the furious pace of palace intrigue over the past two weeks.

The names of nearly a dozen potential candidates to replace Becerra in Los Angeles’ 34th Congressional District have been floated since Dec. 1, when Gov. Jerry Brown named him as the chosen successor to Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris, California’s newest U.S. senator.

One of the most well connected possible replacements, former Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez, withdrew from consideration over the weekend due to unspecified health reasons, saying that his treatment “doesn’t lend itself to the intensity of a campaign that the community deserves.”

Pérez, who ran unsuccessfully for state controller in 2014, had already received dozens of endorsements from members of the state Democratic Party when he dropped out, scrambling the race.

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